Truth is Else Where

Woodcut by Vasan Sitthiket

15 May – 5 June 2004

Human is a witness of the world phenomenon. The surrounding which consists of an interaction between nature and society forms our thoughts and dreams. Our desire is a motivation to drive action. Living in a world we have not chosen frustrates us and stimulates the internal glands to produce hormone for our body to encourage us to discover what the real meaning of life is.

As an individualist living in the massive and complex society, we are perplexed. We are so fearful that we have to struggle for survival.  An ignorance leads us to awkwardness, whereas we walk on the path of darkness as if there is no destination in life. I try to stop those situations and try to communicate the factual experience in both direct and indirect ways to understand myself and others. I hope we will live in this world together as happily as we can according to our own desires.

The exhibition of my wood cut print, my consideration, and the process of printing are the selection of my authentic thought so that all of us would be ready to move and to evolve as we are dissatisfied the current appearance – WE DARE TO STEP FORWARD.

Best regards,
Vasan Sitthiket

April 20, 2004