A River in Three Parts

by Jerome Ming

5 – 29 July 2006


Part of the French Cultural Festival ‘La Fête’ 2006

Organized by

Alliance Française, Bangkok

French Embassy, Thailand


Jerome Ming’s Photographic Installation, A River in Three Parts is exhibited at Numthong Gallery. Zai Kuning, a Singaporean artist, also composed sound effect for this work, Jerome presents semi-documentary snapshots in the areas around  the Three Gorges Dam in China, which is widely regarded as the world’s biggest dam. Jerome spent 4 years to see the impact of the dam’s construction on the natural resources and urban landscapes, as well as on the traditional ways of life of people in the area. Jerome’s works are through 40 pieces of 5″ x 7″ light box.*


*Ark Fongsmut, 2006, Pilgrimage toward Middle Path, Month of Photography Bangkok 3  


A river in three parts-1