by Anusorn Charoensuk

Project Stage | Art Stage Singapore

23-27 January 2013

Marinabay Sands

The work of Anusorn Chareonsuk started from a common desire for what could not be possible in realities. Through the work, it is a way to craft up new stories to secure place for a glorious moment for what he could have from what he could never have. In this painted background of new realities, the artist himself and at times his family members turn to be protagonists, forming a character, striking a pose, they participate in the process of make-believe, finding way to access the inaccessible.

Although in his work, the dream would find its way to an end, if it has not been immortalized by the art of photographing. It is as though to confirm that being a subject and recording it in a photographic form seem to make dreams even more real. It is this naked desire and the straightforwardness of his presentation that keeps his works contaminating with the rigidness of realities. Whatever stories would be, with his approach, the work toys itself on the line of naïve and realities turning what seems to be a mere moment to a social identity, a self-representation that does not need to conform to the norm.

Pichaya Aime Suphavanij
Head of Exhibiton Department, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

FEATURED ARTIST AT ARTSS2013 / Anusorn Charoensuk (Thailand)

Anusorn Charoensuk (b.1982,Thailand) is a photographer. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Bangkok University, where he received the Grand Prix Young Thai Artist Award in 2006 for Photography. For Project Stage, Charoensuk presents a series of photographs and painted backgrounds on zinc plates that reflect a common desire for the unattainable. Through his work, Charoensuk creates new fictions to commemorate glorious moments where the impossible becomes possible. Using these painted backgrounds of new realities, the artist and at times his family members appear as protagonists. Each assuming a character and striking a pose, the artist and his family participate in a show of make-believe, consequently finding a way to access the inaccessible.