Illustration works (1983-1985)

by Sanan Silakorn

18 Sep – 9 Oct 2004

Sanan Silakorn who is Prof. Silpa Bhirasri master student, has studied in School of Fine Arts. His sculpture skill is excellent as after he had graduated, he was a government official of The Fine Arts Department in the area of molded works and a Silapakorn instructor in the beginning of an establishment of Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts. He had created the monumental sculpture since 1941. It is accepted that he is strongly skillful and his realistic mold is so lively that many Thai artists respect him as a sculptor model.


As he thoroughly understands the anatomical structure and the natural history, his artworks can be represented those accurately and exquisitely. Moreover, the emotionality is so harmonious  that his artworks are valued for those artistic admirers thenceforth.


Not only he knows and understands the nature, he also processes his drawing skill in both sketching and painting. Unfortunately, there is no much more  time for him to create more painting. He is naturalist who loves trekking and lives his life harmonizing with the nature. Additionally, he is interested in studying and researching in historical anecdotes, literatures, and histories so this is why he like to illustrate stories in some monthly and weekly magazines such as Krungthep, Mae Ban Kan Ruaen, Chivit Klang Chaeng, Pha Muaeng Thai, and Silpa Wattanadham etc.


Those illustrations are more lively than telling us their scenes because he conveys something more than information or reality but they are demonstrated the power of form. His colourings, which build up am imaginative fantasticality, explodes the feeling and emotional effect as painting do.


Even though the late artist, Sanan Silakorn took leave of the world, his illustration still be an immortality of beauty which is created for us, the new generation Thais,  to be proud of Thai artist’s superiority. His illustration will be a monument of aesthetics in our heart forever.


Deputy Professor Vichoke Mukdamanee
Director of the Art Centre