Non-Being by Itself

By Kamin Lertchaiprasert (in co-operate with 20 young artists and culture activists), THAILAND

16  – 19 January 2014

“Platforms” Southeast Asia, Art Stage Singapore 2014

Non-Being by Itself  is an installation anchored by a human-size sculpture in which the visitor can sit and reflect, surrounded by a collection of personal stories told by various contributors on video. In Lertchaiprasert’s words: ‘The story of common people, might allow the audiences to gain some thoughts or perspective about the worth that lies beneath daily life. If we understand the state of non-being by itself, meaning nothing can exist without the others, then it might trigger awareness of our own life’s worth and also of others’. It is believed that we could be an inspiration for others and can send out creative energy from experiences of knowledge, of love, of compassion and of social conscience by starting from being responsible for our duties and our way of life the best we can. These small gestures of activities from all of us will become the energy that contributes to the society.’

Non – Being by Itself

2013, Sculpture (205 x 140 x 270 cm) fibreglass and gold leaf installation with video and sound, dimensions variable


We are all the same

by Kamin Lertchaiprasert

Duration : 10 minutes



We are all creative.

We are all unique.

We are all love peace

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More videos by 20 young artists and culture activists

 Anonymous by Arnont Nongyao, 8 mins  

 Sky and Light Loyenda by Samart Suwannarat, 7 mins 

 Home : Contemporary state of Leaving by Teeramon Buangam, 10 mins 

 A Human by  Jedsada Tangtrakulwong and the Khotphuwieng family, 9.29 mins

• Mo(m)tivation by Nattapon Wannaporn, 5.55 mins

 The Contended Man by Jin Ruangkriengsin,  Thanawat Patanaprasart and Natdanai  Chutipabhakorn, 9.49 mins

 P’ Mew by Norapat Sakartornsup, 5.14 mins

 Living Together In Rider Community Project by Sompong Lirasiri, 4.17 mins

 The Story of Sudawadee Norapoompipat by Apipar Norapoompipat and Watsamon Tri-yasakda, 11.25 mins

 Unique by Cherry Pongprajjakkul, Thanakrit Srisuwan and Thanyathorn Tangsongcharoen, 6.39 mins

 Nida Nikornpun by Soravis Vibhagool, Pavarase Paisarnjaroenwong and Panida Aonsamang, 5.26 mins

 Fisherman’s Friend by Anan Sikamahn, Visitthorn Anunsukhiran and Pariwut Piamkarunwong, 6.35 mins

 My Idol  by Jakraphun Thanateeranon, 2.01 mins 

 Father and I  by Tanaphon Inthong, 6.11 mins

 A Movie For My Inspiration  by Santanut Kavownark and Naruemon Hansakul, 4.35 mins

 There’s no one in the world that can’t play the piano. by Aimvipa Tapanakornvut, 9.55 mins

 Monday by Watcharapat Kongkhaow, 6.40 mins

 The One Who Motivates Me by by I-na Phuyuthanon, 5.22 mins

 Teung by Chitpapat Batprakhon, 5.44 minutes

Interviews : see more at  31st Century Museum Of Contemporary Spirit